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Charlie McCarthy Mazuma - Package

Charlie McCarthy Mazuma - Package
Charlie McCarthy Mazuma - Package
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Here's an original package of play money from the Bergen merchandising machine, circa 1950's. Just imagine hanging out with your pal Skinny Dugan and playing one of the Whitman Publishing Charlie McCarthy games, and wagering...using official Charlie McCarthy “Mazuma”! What a treat that would be!

I've got some original unopened packages of this great play money available. I love the artwork on these bills...Charlie on the front as George Washington, with Bergen, Mortimer and Effie Klinker on the back! The fun continues with phrases on the bills such as “As good as any dough...unless you try to spend it.” My favorite is, “If you try to pass this bill, allow yourself plenty of time – at least 20 years!”

Lots of GREAT detail on these really have to look carefully to get all of the jokes!

These packages of 20 bills are unopened...they are still sealed in the original cellophane packages with cardboard header, just as you would bought them from the “five and dime” 60 years ago.

It's tough to get a decent photograph of the bills themselves with the cellophane covering them...there's always a glare. For a better look at both sides of an individual bill, check the listing for the Charlie McCarthy singles.

One unopened original vintage package of Charlie McCarthy Mazuma for only...


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