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Charlie McCarthy Sterling Silver Charm

Charlie McCarthy Sterling Silver Charm
Charlie McCarthy Sterling Silver Charm
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Here's an original Charlie silver charm, circa 1940's.  The detail on this little beauty is incredible!  I failed to put a ruler in the photo, so you don't really get an idea of the scale involved.  This amazingly detailed piece of jewelry is only 7/8" tall! The base at its longest is barely more than a quarter of an inch!  And yet....the head nods and turns from side to side!

Hallmarked on the base: Copyright E.B. - Sterling

These make a lovely display among your miniatures collection, or you can wear it.  What? You don't wear a charm bracelet?  Well, that's an easy fix: Buy an inexpensive sterling silver necklace and wear it as a pendant.  Any time you get lonely, just pull ol' Charlie out and have a conversation! 

Scarce in this fine condition.  


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