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Bergen/McCarthy Toy Wristwatch

Bergen/McCarthy Toy Wristwatch
Bergen/McCarthy Toy Wristwatch
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Remember when you used to buy little knick-knacks like this at the Dime Store?  Or the "Five and Dime"?  Hello?  Does anyone still remember when we had "Five & Dime" stores.  Ugh.  I'm getting old.

This is a neat little toy watch.  It does not work.  The hands do not move.  It is a TOY.  Obviously made for a small child's wrist.  It is made of plated tin with an elastic "strap".  The graphic depicts Edgar on one panel, Charlie on the other, and a watch face in the center.

I got this in a warehouse find.  There were 24 of these toy watches: Six Bergen/McCarthy, six Roy Rogers/Trigger (yes, *Trigger*!  Poor Dale Evans didn't make the cut!), six Lil' Abner/Daisy Mae and six "blank" (no inserts in them).  I sold all but the Bergen/McCarthy ones to a vintage toy collector. 

This is the LAST one I have.  These are RARE... I've seen only two others - besides the ones I had - during the past 35-40 years I've been collecting vent memorabilia.

Condition is very good.  The tin has "bubbled" just a tiny bit under the plating...this is common in old tin toys. The elastic still has some life in it.  The paper graphic is perfect - just the way it came from the manufacturer back in the 40's or 50's.  Watch body measures approximately 1-1/2" wide by 1-1/16" high.

Will be supplied to you in a glass-topped display box, as shown in the second photo.  You can easily remove the label, if you'd like.

Don't pass up this RARE gem!


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