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Vintage Ventriloquism Ephemera

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Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy Trading Card
SCARCE trading card featuring Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.  Photo shows both..
W.S. Berger Vintage Photo
  W. S. Berger Vintage Advertising Photo   Original promotional p..
Finis & Co. Postcard #2
  Finis & Co. Postcard #2   Original advertising postcard from the 1950..
Raymond and Ann Souvenir Promotional Postcard
You may have noticed the offer for one of these when you purchase a copy of John R. Schaible..
Dummy Corporation Postcard - Vent Theme
Great promotional postcard featuring a boardroom full of "Knucklehad Smiff" vent figure..
Insull Ventriloquial Figure Postcard
  Postcard featuring Ventriloquial Figure by Len Insull   Original advertis..
Revello Petee Business Card
Original business card in Fine+ condition from figure maker Revello Petee of Oroville, CA. P..
Great Lester Business Card / Lecture Ticket Combo
Here's a great little “twofer” combo package! I've acquired a small quan..
Paul Winchell Hollywood Walk of Fame Collector Card
          Back about 1990, someone came up with the ..
Bergen's Better Bubblegum Wrappers
I've got a small quantity of the original 1950's vintage gum wrappers available. The..
Peter Brough Collector Tea Card
         In the U.S., we used to collect cards that cames..
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy Radio Show - Audio Recording
    Here's an original, unopened (still sealed in shrinkwrap!) audio casset..
Paul Winchell Vintage N.B.C. Collector Card
          Here's a lovely collector's item....
Edgar Bergen Hollywood Walk of Fame Collector Card
          Back about 1990, someone came up with the ..
Doc George Boyce Promotional Blotter
            Sixty+ years ago, ink blotters ..
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