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New Laff-Tested Dialogues

New Laff-Tested Dialogues
New Laff-Tested Dialogues
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By George McAthy         


          George McAthy wrote the vent column in "The New Tops" magazine for many years... he was a clever vent and magician.  Based in California, he amassed a collection of vent figures which he rented to movie and television studios over many years.  If you saw a vent figure on TV in the 50's or 60's, chances are, it belonged to George McAthy.  George was also a script writer for early TV gameshows.  He used this talent in creating vent scripts, as well!

          This large collection of 24 dialogues and routines has a little bit of something for everyone.  There is a collection of "T.V. Spots".... these are brief dialogues that end in a natural segue for a commercial. Then there's a section with full-length vent acts in it...these are complete routines that are fully self-contained. Finally, there's a section of "ideas". There are actually some extremely clever ideas in this section...some of which have been utilized by modern vents.  Anyone familiar with something like a talking blackboard?  Or perhaps a talking vent stand?  Yes...they appeared here in the 1960's!
D:  We like the name "Oscar" in our family.
V:  Is that so?
D:  I'm named Oscar, my daddy's named Oscar, my grandfather's named Oscar... even my Uncle Oscar is named Oscar!
V:  It seems like everyone in your family is named Oscar!
D:  Except my mother. 
V:  Of course.
D:  Her name is George.
         This book was written in 1967.  Sure, some of the comedy is dated.  That said, much of it is still usable and practical.  Some of the jokes may be old, but it's important to read for *premise* as well as actual jokes.  And a lot of the premises are GREAT.  In addition, as mentioned above, some of the "bonus ideas" are fantastic and are just waiting to be "discovered" by someone who will run with them and make them their own.
          52 single-sided pages, 8-1/2" x 11" format, bound soft cover.
's the deal.  This book is now out of print.  I have only a small quantity, all of which are original stock...they are in MINT, unused condition.
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