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Winch - Autobiography by Paul Winchell

Winch - Autobiography by Paul Winchell
Winch - Autobiography by Paul Winchell
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      "Winch", Paul Winchell's autobiography, is not a typical Hollywood memoir. In fact, it is more like a Twilight Zone episode, in which a celebrity ventriloquist and television star, Paul Winchell (also called Winch) lives out his life in two totally separate worlds. During the 1930's, a kid from Coney Island is struck by the art of Edgar Bergen, a ventriloquist who has soared to fame on a radio show, the Chase and Sanborn hour. Bergen, through his writings and performances becomes the mentor that launches young Winchell on his career. Eventually, Winch becomes to television what Bergen was to radio, climbing through the world of radio and Big Bands. Still, the death of his mother, Clara, who he both loved and feared, an unhappy marriage and torrid love affair ignite the latent psychological problems within. Winch, despite his great success, lives in a supernatural world, assailed by an apparition, which assumes monstrous, almost deific proportions. Eventually, this interior world turned upside down, overtakes the real world. His fight to exorcise his demons continues, as he develops numerous prime time TV shows and children's shows, which dominate the airwaves for more than two decades. Although partially drowning in a world of unspeakable fear and supernatural horror, he studies psychology, religion, mythology and, medical hypnosis. Unwilling to be imprisoned by his second life, he continues his productive work in entertainment and even undertakes many inventions, including the amazing artificial heart, courageous enterprises for someone consumed by a terrifying nightmare. Until this book, Paul Winchell has remained intensely private about his personal life. But now he wants to share his story, hoping to influence others to make their own odyssey towards wholeness and psychological health."

        Long out of print. This is the first paperback edition; 2004. 408pp. Brand New.


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