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Ventriloquism: Art, Craft, Profession

Ventriloquism: Art, Craft, Profession
Ventriloquism: Art, Craft, Profession
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By Al Stevens

          Well, there's no question about it.. Al Stevens has really outdone himself with this new book on ventriloquism! I love nothing better than reading books on vent, and I've spent many hundreds of pleasant hours doing exactly that. Nothing makes me happier than reading a book on ventriloquism in which the author's passion shines through.

          Al Stevens has spent a lifetime in the entertainment business.  He's been an author, a comic, a musician and a ventriloquist.  He merges all of those talents into this amazing magnum opus and makes the wonderful Art of Ventriloquism easily accessible to anyone and everyone who is willing to learn. 

          Yes, the "bare bones" nuts and bolts mechanics of "how to be a ventriloquist" are in here.  But there's more...SO much more!  Of course you'll learn lip control, sound substitutions, creating a character voice and the "usual" stuff you *expect* in a book on ventriloquism.  But with Al's book, you'll ALSO learn the subtle techniques of character separation - how to write material that's actually *funny* - using music in your act - audience participation ideas - intelligently selecting a vent figure - great advice on show equipment (sound systems, etc.) - using magic with your vent act - performing shows for children - and SO much more!  There's even a chapter on jokes relating to ventriloquists and ventriloquism!

          Al's experience as an author really comes into play in making this book readable and *enjoyable* for students of virtually any age.  And whether the student is a beginner or a long time pro (even the pro's never stop studying and learning, right?), there's much to be learned and much that may be incorporated into even the most well-polished act.

          Please note that this isn't just another vent book to thumb through quickly and toss aside thinking, "I know that stuff."  Don't pass up this opportunity to read the sage thoughts of a long-time pro entertainer.  To paraphrase an old saw and mix a metaphor or two, "Thar's MEAT in them thar hills!"  The price of this book is positively miniscule in comparison to the value it offers.  Yes, you'll have to do a little work: you'll have to read the book, absorb the lessons and put it all into use.  But my personal promise to you is, if you DO read it, absorb it and put it to use... you'll be a much, MUCH better ventriloquist.  And when that happens, EVERYONE wins.

This book gets my highest recommendation.  Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I wrote the Foreword.  But even if I hadn't, I'd have felt the exact same way about this remarkable book.  Simply put, if you buy it and sincerely study it, you WILL become a BETTER ventriloquist.  Period. 

286pp, 6" x 9" perfect-bound with glossy photographic soft cover.

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