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The Ventriloquial Script Sourcebook
by Bill DeMar and Tom Ladshaw. Compiled and Edited by Tom Ladshaw It's been said that thi..
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Ventriloquism - Magic With Your Voice
By George Schindler.   This is one of the better books on vent that's been publ..
The Little Book of Ventriloquism
By Terri Rogers Terri Rogers was an amazing ventriloquist...not only was she technically ..
The Magical Ventriloquist
By Tom Ladshaw Several years ago, I presented a "Magic for Ventriloquists" workshop..
Better Living Through Ventriloquism
By Ronn Lucas Did you ever wonder if ventriloquism could: Help you get a better deal on a new..
Coach Yourself! A Ventriloquist's Guide to Self-Improvement
By Sammy King             &..
Bill DeMar's Grasping at Headsticks
By Tom Ladshaw Subtitled: "The Fine Art of Ventriloquial Figure Manipulation" W..
Inner Voice - World of Ventriloquism in India and Abroad
By Ramdas Padhye This is the first fully researched Indian book on Ventriloquism. This book -..
Ventriloquism and Related Subjects
By Bill DeMar. Revised Edition edited by Tom Ladshaw. Even if I hadn't been part of helpi..
Die Geschichte der Bauchrednerkunst - Valentine Vox
By Valentine Vox This is an outstanding German publication that is essentially a condensed ve..
Figure Making Can Be Fun?!?
By Michael Brose       "A Complete Guide to Making a Profes..
All By My Selves: Walter, Peanut, Achmed, and Me - Author Autographed!
By Jeff Dunham Author autographed! Here's the highly anticipated autobiography from J..
Secrets of Ventriloquism
By David Malmberg This is an outstanding book that presents the basics of vent technique in a..
PUNCH! Six Sure-Fire Techniques to Add Punch to Your Comedy Material
By Tom Ladshaw This booklet was the basis for my S.R.O. lecture/workshop at the 2009 Vent&nbs..
Putting Money Where Your Mouth Is - Book by Dale Brown
by Dale Brown. "Taking Your Vent Act to the Next Level in Terms of Comedy Dialogs, Custo..
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