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Magic Trick - Egg Bag with Zipper

Magic Trick - Egg Bag with Zipper
Magic Trick - Egg Bag with Zipper
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Magic is a FANTASTIC adjunct entertainment to Ventriloquism.  Magic lends itself particularly well to vents performing for all types of groups.  Whether you use a magic trick as a transition between one vent character and the next, or as an opening "ice breaker" for your show, or for whatever reason, magic is always fascinating to an audience. 

I have a limited number of magic props on my site that I've personally selected for sale to ventriloquists.  I picked the tricks with these criteria in mind: The tricks must be easy to learn, have strong entertainment value, play well for all age groups, and play for virtually any size audience. 
Each trick I sell comes complete and ready for you to perform it.  All you'll need to do is read the instructions, then practice the trick until you can do the "mechanical operation" without thinking about it. Practicing a trick until you can do it in your sleep enables you to concentrate on the performance and entertainment aspect of it during your show, rather than the "behind the scenes mechanics" of it.


Egg Bag - with Zipper

          The Egg Bag is a classic magic routine that has stood the test of time.  Why? Simple - it's got everything going for it: It packs small, yet plays BIG. Can be performed solo or with audience participation. Has an intriguing plot. It's easy to follow and understand for virtually any audience, from pre-schoolers to the elderly. It's an inherently funny routine (because of the egg), yet it's baffling. Best of all, it's easy to do! 
          There are many presentational possibilities with this fine professional outfit, but here's one basic presentation: Show the attractive black velvet bag inside and out. There's a zipper on the bottom which may be unzipped to so you can pass your hand completely through the bag!  Unquestionably, it's empty.  Close the zipper, snap your fingers, then reach into the bag and produce an EGG!
          Drop the egg back into the bag and it instantly vanishes! The bag is turned inside out, slapped on your open palm, even twisted corkscrew fashion. Yes, you may unzip the zipper again and even look completely through the bag. The egg has clearly vanished. However, whenever you're ready, you simply reach into the bag and pull out the egg, just as if nothing unusual had ever happened!
          Now, you offer to "expose" the tell the audience you're going to show them just how the trick is done. You lead the audience down the proverbial garden path... You "reveal" exactly how you were able to sneak the egg out of the bag without the audience catching you. As soon as they think they know where you've "hidden" the egg, you show that it's NOT there and now the audience is more baffled than ever!
          Once again, you show the bag empty and have two spectators hold your wrists. You now reach into the bag a final time, and, you guessed it, the egg has returned! For the finale', you may place the egg into the bag, and it changes into a lemon ...or into a shotglass filled with your favorite beverage... or... well, you get the idea.  The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! 
          This professional outfit comes complete with the velvet zippered bag, fake egg (correct size and weight) and routine -- all very well made.
          Take a look on YouTube at various Egg Bag routines to get an idea of the possibilities with this fine set. Just type in "Egg Bag" in the YouTube search engine.  To see this specific type of bag demonstrated, click HERE.



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