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The Col. Bill Boley DVD Series OVERVIEW - Order by Title

The Col. Bill Boley DVD Series OVERVIEW - Order by Title
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Beginning in the early 1980's, Col Bill Boley produced a number of educational videos teaching various aspects of ventriloquism. His "general" vent teaching video was "How to Become a Ventriloquist", produced by Stevens Magic Emporium as part of their "Greater Magic Video Library" series.

For the vent community in particular, Bill himself produced quite a number of more "niche-oriented" videos... Videos that would specifically address one aspect or phase of our Art and delve into it more deeply than a "general" video would allow.

It's been my privilege and honor to know Bill's lovely widow, Charlene. Through special arrangement with her, I've acquired the rights to all of Bill's videos and books. Over time, I'll eventually re-release all of Bill's prodigious output in updated form.

My first order of business when I'd gotten the rights to the original Bill Boley videos was to update them. All of Bill's "homegrown" productions were just that: Filmed by himself with a home video camera. Needless to say, the production values were a bit on the "short" side. Not that it particularly mattered...the persons interested in buying Bill's videos wanted the information...not necessarily fancy sets, special visual effects or commercial packaging. BUT....I made the decision to have the original VHS videos digitally remastered and put on DVD. The "new" Boley DVDs have all new titling and music. Some have even been re-edited.

Let me just mention here that the painstaking work done on these too-good-to-miss videos was done by my good friend (and fellow vent), Lee Cornell. Lee operates a video business and understood what needed to be done with these videos, not only technically, but from a teaching standpoint. He worked tirelessly on this project and the end result is beneficial to us all.

While the Boley DVDs are not "broadcast quality", they are still much better than they were when on VHS video. And the bottom line is, you'll not only learn from watching them, you'll ENJOY watching them.

Order each DVD separately from its own product page at $19.95 each OR order all three titles for $50.00 from the combined titles product page.

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