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The Vent Material Yearbook Series OVERVIEW - Order by YEAR

The Vent Material Yearbook Series OVERVIEW - Order by YEAR
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OVERVIEW - Order by Year.

Throughout most of the 1990's, Col. Bill Boley annually produced a wonderful dialog booklet, "The Yearbook of Ventriloquist Dialogs." Each of these 20- to 24 page booklets was eagerly anticipated by those vents looking to add a new routine or looking for material that they could rework to fit into their existing acts. Each of Bill's booklets usually contained from four to six complete dialogs. One of the later ones had a brief section of one-liner insults.

With Bill's untimely passing in December of 2000, the vent community lost not only an important friend, but a steady source of comedy material! Part of Bill's legacy is those booklets...much of that material is just as good today as it was when it was written. But what about those vents looking to add new material today? And what about those vents who aren't necessarily looking for a complete routine, but for "bits" and "bits of business" that can be inserted into their existing acts?

In the spring of 2003, I decided that someone should pick up where Bill left off...that someone should carry on the "tradition" of an annual "yearbook" of vent material. Well, you know the old adage, "If you can't get it done by someone else, do it yourself!"? (No, I don't know that adage, either.) At any rate, I decided to "pick up the gauntlet" and start producing my own annual comedy material booklets, the "Vent Material Yearbook" series.

My booklets are slightly different from Bill's. Instead of creating standard dialogs, I also wrote gags - bits of business - one liners - insults - put downs, etc. I call these booklets, "A compendium of gags, lines, bits of business, patter and selected dialog...” So...each booklet not only contains several complete routines, but each also contains many, MANY shorter bits than may be used to enhance what you already present.

I honestly believe that my comedy material booklets represent some of the greatest value on the "vent comedy material market" today. My Vent Material Yearbooks have USABLE, commercial material for the PROFESSIONAL entertainer. You don't even have to be a vent to use the material in these booklets... much of it lends itself to emcee work and even to comedy monologues. 

So...with all of that said.... The listings of my "Vent Material Yearbooks" contain a breakdown of the contents of each individual title. Each book contains DIFFERENT material.

Each of my booklets is 24 pages of usable, practical comedy material -- dialogs, gags, bits, heckler stoppers, etc., - with NO filler.

Vent Material Yearbooks are $6.00 each.  Order specific years from their own product page.

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