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Professional Ventriloquial Figure: BUMBLEBEE by Oddballs & Orphans

Professional Ventriloquial Figure: BUMBLEBEE by Oddballs & Orphans
Professional Ventriloquial Figure: BUMBLEBEE by Oddballs & Orphans
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About "Oddballs & Orphans" ventriloquist puppets:

          Kristin L. Petersen's "Oddballs & Orphans" are some of the cutest vent figures around. When you think of a traditional ventriloquial figure, "cute" usually isn't the first word that comes to mind. But when you see an "O&O" puppet, you can't help but smile and be charmed!  "CUTE" really is the best adjective to describe them!
          Kristin works with simple lines in the exact same way a master caricaturist works.  Very few figure makers have the capability to use sheer simplicity to such amazing effect.  She can turn a few simple lines on a sculpture into a work of art that is capable of bringing laughs or tears.  Her creations could be called simple, yes... but to do so would also show a lack of understanding of the figure maker's *art* (as opposed to "craft").  A simple twist of the wrist can create pathos in her characters.  Another twist and there's an impish grin.  Yet another twist and the laughs are loud and steady.  And, always...there's that "cute" factor.
          I've personally witnessed people talking about one of Kristin's original creations following the performance of a pro vent who uses characters built by at least four different figure makers.  He had figures that cost far more... and had far more animations... but the audience remembered and loved the simplest puppet of all.  Why?  It had the most *heart*... (and it was cute!).
          "Oddballs & Orphans" puppets are always limited editions. Kristin's "soft puppets" are always one of a kind. Where the traditional "hard figures" are concerned, there are usually no more than twelve of any one type made.  Many of these puppets are pre-sold and often go to vents in Europe (who obviously recognize a wonderful thing when they see it!). In fact, one of Britain's top professional vents - Paul Zerdin - uses one of Kristin's original creations in his sold out concerts. It's an audience favorite!  
          All of Kristin's creations have mouth movement only.  That's all they need!  Concentrate on the material and the manipulation and extra "effects" become unnecessary...particularly when an audience is watching one of the little charmers!  Kristin's casting material of choice is a strong resin that stands up well to the rigors of professional puppet use.  Al figures have heads cast in this strong resin.  Mouth control trigger can be used by thumb or forefinger of either hand.
          Kristin rarely creates figures for the vent market these days...she's far too busy with other activities.  The puppets currently available on the Gottle O' Geer site represent Kristin's total output for 2012.  This is your opportunity to own one of her amazing little charmers... Your audiences will love them!!!

          Another of my all-time favorites from Kristin's creative mind.  This little black and yellow is an audience favorite!  If I used him, I'd present him as a shy youngster...who has an amazing voice when he belts out the blues! Or, he could be a terrible punster with a penchant for insect jokes.  Whatever his character, he'll get laughs the moment you bring him out... his spring "antennae" act like "deely-bobbers" (do they still call them that?) and fly all over the place with the slightest touch of the headstick.

          Cast head, body, hands and feet. Spring "antennae". Cast body covered with cloth.  Cloth-filled limbs. 

          Kristin's regular retail price for this character is $1250.00.  You can own this one for only $995.00, which includes insured shipping in the U.S.*  (If you're outside the U.S. please contact me and I'll find the most economical way to send it to you).

If you'd like to see addtional photos of this amazing puppet, send me a request by e-mail!


* The shopping cart will show that you owe additional for shipping.  Don't worry...that's an automatic feature and will be disabled when the transaction is processed.  A domestic order will be charged only $995.00 for the figure and shipping.


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