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Magic Trick - The Crystal Silk Tube

Magic Trick - The Crystal Silk Tube
Magic Trick - The Crystal Silk Tube
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Magic is a FANTASTIC adjunct entertainment to Ventriloquism.  Magic lends itself particularly well to vents performing for all types of groups.  Whether you use a magic trick as a transition between one vent character and the next, or as an opening "ice breaker" for your show, or for whatever reason, magic is always fascinating to an audience. 

I have a limited number of magic props on my site that I've personally selected for sale to ventriloquists.  I picked the tricks with these criteria in mind: The tricks must be easy to learn, have strong entertainment value, play well for all age groups, and play for virtually any size audience. 
Each trick I sell comes complete and ready for you to perform it.  All you'll need to do is read the instructions, then practice the trick until you can do the "mechanical operation" without thinking about it. Practicing a trick until you can do it in your sleep enables you to concentrate on the performance and entertainment aspect of it during your show, rather than the "behind the scenes mechanics" of it.


The Crystal Silk Tube

          Here's another wonderful trick that's at home in a small setting (birthday party, etc.) or on the largest stage.  It packs small and plays BIG!

          You display three separate silk hankies and place them one-by-one into a clear tube, where they can all easily be seen.  Say the magic words, "Hokie Pokie This is No Jokee"!  The silk hankies are now removed and are tied together at their ends! 
          Absolutely NO tricky knots, no difficult-to-learn moves, no NOTHING.  Just great, simple, direct and elegant MAGIC!  Supplied complete with gimmicks, complete instructions, tube and three silk hankies (please note that in one of the photos, one of the silk hankies is blue.  The set I supply is as shown in the demonstration video: Red, Yellow and Green.).
          The number of silk hankies and colors are particularly well suited to a number of presentations.  Traffic safety is a GREAT idea for this Red-Yellow-Green set!
          Want to see a great video demonstration of this fantastic trick?  To see long-time kidshow pro magician and ventriloquist John Kimmons perform it, click HERE.
A truly GREAT magic routine for only...  
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