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Magic Trick - Spotty Bag

Magic Trick - Spotty Bag
Magic Trick - Spotty Bag
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Magic is a FANTASTIC adjunct entertainment to Ventriloquism.  Magic lends itself particularly well to vents performing for all types of groups.  Whether you use a magic trick as a transition between one vent character and the next, or as an opening "ice breaker" for your show, or for whatever reason, magic is always fascinating to an audience. 

I have a limited number of magic props on my site that I've personally selected for sale to ventriloquists.  I picked the tricks with these criteria in mind: The tricks must be easy to learn, have strong entertainment value, play well for all age groups, and play for virtually any size audience. 
Each trick I sell comes complete and ready for you to perform it.  All you'll need to do is read the instructions, then practice the trick until you can do the "mechanical operation" without thinking about it. Practicing a trick until you can do it in your sleep enables you to concentrate on the performance and entertainment aspect of it during your show, rather than the "behind the scenes mechanics" of it.


Spotty Bag

           This is a wonderful "sucker" effect for the kidshow and family performers.  It uses a bag covered with polka dots and two hankies.
          One side of the bag is blue with white spots, the other is white with blue spots. The inside of the bag is just plain black.  There's lots of opportunity for crazy comedy by-play in this routine, so hold on to your hat! 
          First you make the two hankies change color... but they really don't change color.  Hmmm.... Or do they? Next you turn the bag inside out, and the polka dots from the outside of the bag magically jump onto the hankies!  Yep, now there are white spots on the blue hankie and blue spots on the white  hankie!  Can it get any crazier?
          YES... Because you look closer at the bag and realize that ONE spot is missing! Now, where IS that spot? You look inside the bag and call out "Spot!? Hey, Spot!"  Turn the bag inside out once again and NOW you find Spot!  The bag itself has magically changed into a cute little puppy dog ... complete with floppy ears!
          An absolute MUST for kidshow and family entertainers.  Also great if you're doing emcee work!  For the ventriloquist, it's ideal as one of those "transition" tricks between characters, or as an audience warm-up that'll really get the kiddo's going!
          This one is EXTREMELY easy to do, even if you've never done a magic trick in your life!  Let's put it this way... if you can turn a cloth bag inside out, you can DO this!
          Comes complete with all necessary hankies, the special bag and complete instructions and presentation. 


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