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Edgar Bergen with Lars Lundquist Photo

Edgar Bergen with Lars Lundquist Photo
Edgar Bergen with Lars Lundquist Photo
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     SCARCE photo of Edgar Bergen with his life-sized Swedish character, "Lars Lundquist".

     NOTE -- This photo came from the Col. Bill Boley Collection.  In the late 90's (and earlier, for that matter), Bill had many 8" x 10" photos from his own vent memorabilia collection duplicated for sale and trade with other vent collectors.  After Bill's untimely passing, I purchased much of Bill's collection of "ventriloquiana" from his lovely widow, Charlene.  To my surprise (and delight!), I discovered several boxes absolutely packed with 8" x 10" vent photos...sometimes as many as 50-60 duplicates of a single photo.  The vast majority of them are relatively recent (within the past 15 years, certainly) reprints.  They are all photographic prints, however. NONE are inkjet or cheap quality homemade jobs!  These are all TOP QUALITY glossy photographs. Unless otherwise stated in the description, this photo is one of the photographic reprints Col. Bill Boley originally had printed by a photographic reprint house.

Photo measures 8" x 10".  In very fine/mint condition (any "waviness" or "patterns" in the website photo are due to the scanning process...the actual photograph is perfect).  Comes archivally protected in a mylar bag with acid-free backboard.

Please note - "Gottle O' Geer" is on the website photograph ONLY....your actual item does NOT have "Gottle O' Geer" written across it.  (I know, I wouldn't think I'd have to explain this, but you'd be amazed at how many people ask...).  Also...the photo shown here on the website is very low resolution.  The actual printed photos are much sharper and clearer than what is shown here.


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