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Mortimer Snerd Chase & Sanborn Coffee Premium Puppet

Mortimer Snerd Chase & Sanborn Coffee Premium Puppet
Mortimer Snerd Chase & Sanborn Coffee Premium Puppet
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Here's an original premium puppet produced by the Ketterlinus Company in 1939. It was offered as a "mailaway" premium from Chase & Sanborn Coffee, the sponsors of Bergen & McCarthy's popular radio show.

This wonderful Mortimer Snerd puppet measures 19" tall by 7-1/2" at its widest. The mouth and eyes both move, actuated by a single tab on the puppet's back. The legs are designed to  fold at the lap and the knees so he can "sit" on your lap.

The "Charlie McCarthy" version of this premium comes up fairly often at radio premium auctions and on eBay.  The Mortimer version is MUCH harder to find...particularly in condition this FINE. This one is EXCEPTIONAL.  Most of these found today have creases in the fingertips or hat brims, or the legs are detached. This one is pretty close to PRISTINE. There is a mild crease line on the neck, but it is NOT broken (or even "weak") as you'll find on most of these (the neck is the narrowest part of the puppet and is easily subject to damage).  

No doubt about it, you'll be proud to own this one.  You can have it framed and it will make a truly wonderful display piece.

Comes archivally protected in a mylar bag with acid-free backboard.




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